The wind farm


The Hollandse Kust Noord Wind Farm Site is located around 18.5 km off the coast of the province of North Holland. CrossWind will install 69 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 11 MW, the majority of which will be situated over 1 km from each other. The electricity cable connecting the wind farm to the offshore 'power socket' will be installed by the transmission system operator TenneT.

Building the windfarm

We are installing 69 super powerful wind turbines in the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm. The government has determined that Hollandse Kust Noord may have a maximum of 100 wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 251 meters above sea level and a minimum capacity of 6MW. By opting for larger turbines, less need to be installed. This increases the efficiency of the wind farm and limits the costs and effects on nature.

We hope to have the wind farm operational at the end of 2023.

Frequently asked questions

The wind farm is being build 18,5 km from the coast near Egmond aan Zee. There are a few factors that you have to take into consideration on whether or not you will be able to see the wind farm. These factors include the weather conditions, the time of day and the season. Generally speaking, in clear weather conditions, the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm can be seen from the coast.
Hollandse Kust Noord is located 18.5 kilometres off the west coast of the Netherlands. The total surface area of the wind farm (including maintenance and safety zones) is 125 kmĀ². CrossWind plans to have an installed capacity of 759 MW, generating at least 3.3 TWh per year. This equals enough renewable electricity for more than 1 million Dutch households.
Offshore wind projects produce intermittent electricity. Balancing these dips and peaks and integrating this electricity into the national energy system requires new technologies. That is why the offshore wind farm will include five technology innovations that could be implemented at full-scale in the future.
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