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Safety and Environment

Health, Safety, Environment Commitment

CrossWind will create and sustain a safety culture that drives the HSE commitment to Goal Zero: No harm to people, Protect the environment and Comply to permit, in line with our Code of Conduct. It lives by its safety slogan: “Everyone returns home safely”

Together, working with our partners and neighbours, and combined with our policies and procedures, we will ensure that the HSE risks are successfully eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels.

Our culture is built on principles of caring for self & others, providing a safe space to speak up, listening and engaging, sharing & not blaming,challenging the status quo and driving continuous improvement. We work together with our partners & contractors to make our culture come alive through our joint HSSE charter and via individual safety leadership commitments. Also under this umbrella of care, CrossWind has 9 Life-Saving Rules – these exist in order to do exactly what they say: save lives!

Environmental Ambition
The environment gives us wind energy and we aim to protect the environment we work in and travel through. We strive to minimise use of materials and our footprint. We constantly pursue environmental improvement in our industry.

Annually CrossWind will provide 2.8% of Dutch electricity demand in a renewable way, a vital contribution towards reaching the Paris Agreement. *

In addition, CrossWind aims to further reduce environmental impact in four areas: Biodiversity, Carbon footprint, Circularity and Stimulate co-use opportunity for local communities.

* 2.8% of Dutch electricity demand, based on the Klimaat- en Energieverkenning 2020 report and annual Dutch electricity demand of 118 TWh (in the year 2019).
Klimaat- en Energieverkenning 2020 report

Life Saving Rules video

At CrossWind, we care for our people and for others. One of the ways we show this is by embracing a set of life saving rules that align with the key risks in our industry. This short video will give an overview of these rules which we expect to be followed on our project. Do you recognize these rules in your procedures and ways of working? Let's work together and understand any differences and similarities, and most importantly, understand why they are important to caring for ourselves and others.

Download the Life Saving Rules poster below.
Life Saving Rules
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