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In the past few months a number of important milestones have passed for the CrossWind HKN project in order to be ready for offshore foundation installation in the 4th quarter of this year.

Fabrication of the major parts of the offshore WTG foundations commenced at different fabrication sites in Europe. For example the main access platforms and boatlandings are being fabricated in Eustonia by Marketex, the internal hang-off platforms by Amicon and the sizeable monopiles by SIF, both with fabrication facilities in The Netherlands. Also offshore, the campaign to locate and identify unexploded ordnance, critical work in preparation for the offshore foundation installation, was recently successfully completed with the removal of a number of mortars and grenades at 3 locations by the Dutch Navy/EOD. More details on this will be shared in the next newsletter!

Upcoming activities to look forward to are the start of fabrication of major components for the windturbine after summer, as well as the offshore installation of scour protection consisting of ‘rock carpets’ at each of the monopile locations.

We Deliver

Interview with Ekansh and Edwin

We spoke to Ekansh Aggarwal, Electrical Package Engineer and Edwin Klom, Network Security Engineer. Together they are responsible for the WPO (Wind Park Owner) infrastructure. They will ensure that connection to the park is established and maintained in the most secure way possible. We had a chat with them on the challenges in the field of data and cybersecurity.

Edwin: "I notice that people do not always pay enough attention to cyber security. In the past few months there have been examples of factories, and even windfarms that were being compromised. Sometimes for “fun or money” but hacks are also attempted by hacking-groups that are looking for vulnerabilities in the systems and some of those groups are even aiming to cause disturbance in our society.

Ekansh: "Electrical safety is extremely important and we are aiming to make the design as safe as we possibly can. While working on this project we realised more and more the importance of cyber security at CrossWind."

Read the interview

Onshore Service Base

Progress has been made on developing home base for the future teams that will maintain Hollandse Kust Noord. After receiving the ‘green light’ (aka permits) from local authorities, the developer MSCY - together with construction company Friso Bouw B.V. - has started work on the office and the warehouse in March 2022. This to make sure the place is ready to welcome the future operate team and service technicians before the first WTG starts production.

What makes HKN Operations & Maintenance home base in IJmuiden special?

A 'one-team' home base
. CrossWind and contractors in the same building
Shell electrical vehicle charging poles powered by Eneco solar panels. This will make building in 2022 possible
Accessible for everyone. In line with Shell and Eneco policies
Recycle and reuse parts. Good for the environment and business

In addition to the warehouse, the Zeehaven IJmuiden is also extending and improving the quayside. This extension includes two CrossWind Crew Transfer Vessel landing locations that will be used daily by the technician teams that will sail to Hollandse Kust Noord.

We Innovate

Floating Solar Energy

What happens when there is not enough wind to turn a turbine? Together with TNO CrossWind will demonstrate at sea the world's first floating solar plant combined with an offshore wind park. To explain this complex innovation more clearly, we created a short animation video.

Watch the video

Solar Magazine

Integrating floating solar in offshore wind farms... What does it take to make it happen? Our Innovations Manager, Maria Kalogera, spoke with Solar Magazine about our project and the phase we are in now. "We are pushing the boundaries of technology because we believe in its enormous potential."
(Interview in Dutch only).

Read the interview

We Share

Export Cables

TenneT is currently installing the export cables for our HKN wind park.

The first cable (32 km) has been installed and connected to the jacket of the Offshore High Voltage Station.

You can follow the progress of TenneT on this project via the TenneT BouwApp (App Store (iOS) of Google Play (Android)

Venster Magazine

Our Innovations Manager Maria Kalogera was interviewed by Shells’ magazine Venture about the CrossWind project. “Our project revolves around new, innovative solutions for producing electricity at sea. We will share the results, in order to advance the entire technological development.”

Read the interview
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